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Intro to TEAM©

Intro to TEAM©

Running with other people, where do I start. I could begin by telling you all of the benefits to why running with others is amazing but if you’re here reading this, you already know them and you’re reaping those benefits every single time you rock up to YFR.

Alas, I think it goes deeper and beyond what we see and what we feel in these moments. That runners high, that confidence of opening up to new people sharing common values and differences of opinions - these feelings in the moment are incredible but they go further than just when you stop your GPS and save that run.

Running with others has literally changed my life physically, mentally and even professionally! At my absolute lowest, it’s been on a run with a mate or a group when I’ve been able to find the answers I was searching for. It’s weeks, months and even sometimes years down the line you look back and think, what was the turning point for me to do that new thing, talk about that passion that I now live and breathe or be that person who does say YES and boards the flight to a new place. Those examples that I’ve given there are what YFR and more broadly running with others completely facilitate.

Pack mentality is not about oozing aggression storming down the road like West Ham fans on match day. It’s truly about the importance of one and all, the one at the front is just as important and valued as those deep in the pack and without those at the rear, it all falls apart.

Next time you plan your week of runs out, think ahead a few days and where you could message a friend to link for some miles, you never know - that run may change your life!

Coach Llyod 

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