The 160km Relay Race from City to Seaside

Crews to the Coast, taking place on Saturday 13th July, is London's only unsanctioned team ultra-relay, covering 160km of the South East from Hackney to Margate.

For 2024, we're welcoming mixed teams of five, all-women teams of 5, and solo runners to tackle the distance. As always, the event will culminate with a finishers party where we'll be taking over local pub the George & Heart, cooking a feast, pouring the wine and celebrating everyone across the line. 

Before you enter, please note, each team/entrant can take on the challenge as they see fit, ensuring they run through our two official checkpoints. From there, it's over to the runner/s – devise the strategy, plan the route, and coordinate the support.

There's no fixed-distance requirement, but expect to cover a minimum of 30km per person in stages.


How ‘in-shape’ should I be to run this race?

We welcome runners of all abilities to join Crews to the Coast! Regardless, to have a safe and enjoyable race, we recommend that you have a moderate level of fitness; we recommend being able to run at least a half marathon distance (21km). The race is designed to challenge runners, covering various terrains and distances, and most can expect to run an average of 30km on the day.

When does registration close?

Registration closes on 5th April 2024. 

How are teams decided?

Teams are decided by ballot and will be announced after the 5th of April. You will be notified by YFR race organisers if you and/or your team has been selected to run. Each Team entry will class as one spot for the ballot draw. Multiple entries of the same team will not increase your chances of getting a place.

Can I Register with more than one teAm?

No. Each runner may only register with one team. Registering with multiple teams may disqualify you from running.

How far will each runner run?

The total race covers 160km (about 100 miles). While the exact distance will vary, and teams can split up the distance between runners as they see fit, expect to run at least 30km on the day.

Is there a fee to participate?

Yes, there is a participation fee of £60 per runner (£300 per team), regardless if you enter as a team or solo entry. These fees will only be paid if you are selected to race. 

The fee covers the cost of race organisation, safety measures, race kits, and post-race celebrations to make the day special for you and everyone involved! Nevertheless, we don’t want fees to be a barrier to entry, so if you have any concerns about costs, please get in touch with our team. 

Do I need to source a car and a bike for the run?

If you are running as a team, you will need access to a car and bike. 

If you or someone in your team has access to a car, we recommend using this. If you need help sourcing a car for race day, YFR race organisers will help you hire one. There’s no need to inform us of this before or during registration, as you will be asked to provide this information only after your team is selected. 

Teams are expected to provide their own bikes. 

What’s the route this year? 

Crews to the Coast is an unsanctioned race and has no set course. All runners will need to pass through 2 checkpoints on their way to the finish line, but the rest of the route will be designed individually by each team/runner. More information about the finish line and checkpoints will be released closer to race day. 


Only one registration per team is necessary; we advise appointing a team captain to do this. Duplicate entries for the same team will be ignored and do not improve your chances of being selected to race.