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Do I need to run the full distance in training?

Eventually, it would be ideal to do so, with the exception of the marathon! With these training plans, we will prepare you for your event and this will generally include a gradual build up to your target distance, and everything in between. We have it covered for you, enjoy the process.

What should I wear for my race?

Whatever you're comfortable in! No one judges you, and you need to wear what you're happy in and able to move at race pace in. If you're stuck in shoes, head to a local running store for a gait analysis. In addition, we've got a 15% discount on Pro Direct running (see Brands We Love page) if you're looking for some new gear.

How often should I be stretching?

If you've got the time (and you should do for stretching!) then after each run is the ideal. However, we appreciate this isn't always realistic. So, aim to do at least 5 - 10 mins of stretching twice a week after your runs - especially those long ones. Your body will thank you the next day.

What if I miss a day, or a week, of my training?

How rigid is the plan (e.g. can I shift workouts around)?

You should always prioritise your recovery and couple that up with your more event specific training days to your goal. If you can continue to work with this mantra, then you can definitely move your training around your lifestyle to suit both you and your end goal. Remember, this plan is for you and you alone, so find what works.

Should I aim for any paces in training?

Should I do build up races?

Yes! We’ve included these in the plans for you where we think they will fit best. They’re a great chance to get your race kit on, practice your race day routine and be in a real event atmosphere. Check out the events schedule we've created, apply your discount to your chosen race and meet us there!

How do I know this plan will work for me?

In short, you don’t! There is no guarantee that you will hit your goal from this plan but what you can be certain about is that a team of professional coaches have written it for you - so you are in the best hands possible and we can’t wait to see how you do. Please do share your journey and let us know how else we can help by getting in touch on Instagram or via the site!

What should I do if I've got a niggle?

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