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The Run Up

In the lead up to a big race, it’s important to start as you mean to finish. The worst thing you can do is change your diet suddenly on race day. So, if you plan on running with gels or protein bars, start running with them now.

Gels are available to buy at any running shop, or online, or you could go old fashioned and stash some almonds in your pocket. However you do it, start getting your stomach used to it as soon as possible. Gels in particular can have an ‘interesting’ effect on your tummy if you haven’t used
one before.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs are your greatest friend. Wholewheat pasta, brown bread, potatoes, fruit, porridge and healthy
grains with lots of slow release energy will keep you going through the ‘wall’. They’re packed full of nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C and calcium.

Foods like white bread, white pastas and processed foods are full of sugar, and while they’ll give you an instant hunger fix and a quick boost, it’s not sustainable. Switch up your diet for the good hearty grains and you’ll see your endurance increase.

Pre Race

Carb loading is definitely one of our favourite parts of racing, but it’s important not to overdo it. Go bananas on the pasta the night before and you might end up feeling sluggish on race day.

Have your last big meal at about lunchtime the day before the race, then just have a normal size dinner. This will stop you going overboard, stick to the wholegrains and you’ll be right as rain the next day.

Race Day

If you’re used to having a cup of coffee before a race, do it. Keep your routine. We recommend a good hearty breakfast, avoid high fat foods like dairy and meats, keep it relatively plain with porridge/toast/fruit.

Take some supplies with you to the race, it’s best to get there early to get your number and get the lay of the land, so you might need to fuel up again. Above all, drink water, stay hydrated.

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